Saturday, March 14, 2009

taking the chill out of flight or fight

There are only three things that make me afraid:
1. belvedere (the Great Dane that has balls)
2. fireworks and
3. thunder

I'm slowly learning to deal with belvedere. The Boss has been encouraging me by making barking sounds at him and I've gone within a few metres of belvedere - but I've only developed the confidence to approach him from behind. I haven't got the courage to bark at his snout.... belvedere drools, as well - and it's pretty yucky drool, so I'm careful not to get any of his drool on me. Normally, when belvedere comes into the park I take my ball and leave. This is 'flight'.

Fireworks only happens rarely, but because the Boss' house is not far away from the Harbour, whenever there are big celebrations - like New Year, Australia Day, Mardi Gras, or even a passenger liner arriving or leaving the Harbour - I'm able to hear the fireworks and it makes my ears pop. I like to jump up on the neighbours tin roof and make lots of noise so that the fireworks goes away. It does eventually, so I think my theory works. This is 'fight'.

Now thunder is the one that really gets me. I can usually feel it building, the smell, the pressure in my ears and then the bang. It happens often and sometimes for hours on end. This afternoon and tonight is one of those nights. I find that I can never rest easy. Often the Boss gets me to come inside and tells me to "chill" which I find really difficult to do when the thunder is around. Sometimes I try and do the same thing as what I do with fireworks by jumping on the tin roof - but then I get all wet - and the Boss doesn't allow me inside. So, I tend to stay inside but I'm always on high alert.

The Boss completely ignores me. I've heard him say "ignore bad behaviour, reward good behaviour". So, he ignores me. I try to adopt the fight approach - but it doesn't work with thunder. I'm at a loss on what to do.. and it makes my ears go pop. Perhaps I should try 'flight' - and run away and hide - or alternatievely, perhaps learn to chill and ignore it.

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The Puppies said...

Thunder scares me too! I saw your blog from Charlie's blog and wanted to say hello! A ctually there's three of us, but I (Marshall) am the only one afraid of thunder! Come by and see us.
THe Puppies